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Philadelphia Nusquam

        Philadelphia Nusquam is a LARP (Live Action Roleplaying Game) set in The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We are also part of an organization of interconnected LARPs called OWBN (One World By Night). What this means is you can create a character and portray that character in our game and then travel to another game and portray it there in a persistent world wide game. To learn more about OWBN visit their site at: One World By Night

        The In-character setting of our game is based in The City of Philadelphia in the World of Darkness. The world is much like ours, but  viewed through a darker, supernatural lens. Politicians are more corrupt, Police more brutal, your average citizen, just a shade more selfish and intertwined throughout this is the story of our players.

Philadelphia is the war-front of a grueling frontier between the Camarilla-controlled mid-Atlantic and the looming threat of the Sabbat of New York to the north and Reading and Pittsburgh to the west. Rife with human chaos, stories from all elements of life find their way into the unlives of the kindred who hold the territory. To the south, the Free State of Delaware shelters a growing contingent of Anarchs. It may appear the Camarilla protects them, but threat (and influence) of the Sabbat are ever present.

This website contains resources for our game.


Welcome to the future home of the Philadelphia One World By Night Vampire LARP Philadelphia Nasquam

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