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December 16, 2016

In the News...

               Philadelphia is struggling with its lack of emergency services and a few politicians have gone on record to recommend a curfew but no curfew is in effect yet. Reports of multiple deaths from the disease have made the press and there is genuine concern amongst the residents of the city. The neighboring cities of Wilmington and Camden have loaned some of their police force, but are maintaining careful scrutiny of their more “vulnerable” populations for any sign of infection. So far, no deaths from the disease have been reported outside the hospital, but the number of confirmed infected keeps growing. Approximately half of Philadelphia’s police force have fallen ill now, but no specific numbers for deaths have been released yet out of “respect for the families of the victims”.

               Southern Delaware’s Hatchet Attacker captivated headlines for a few days after her capture, but no additional news has been released. A redaction was printed at the bottom of some articles amending statements that the accused was still in clothes soaked with the blood of the victims. It indicates the clothing was soaked in blood of uknown origin.

               Philadelphia’s City Council reports that the CCTV cameras on South Street will be replaced with new units before the end of the year, adding an extra measure of security for holiday shoppers and revelers. They cite extra donations from business partners aided in expediting the work.

               While emergency services are suffering from a loss of personnel, the homeless population that migrates through the city seasonally seems less inclined to move on. Mild winter weather, increased charity support, and less policing has resulted in a few shanty towns popping up in a few far flung parks and less inhabited industrial areas in Southern Philadelphia.

               New Castle County has recently proposed a bill to State of Delaware for the dismantling of the old St. Georges Bridge. After structure issues were identified in 2008, the bridge was closed to one lane car-traffic, with the outer lanes converted to bicycle and pedestrian traffic in 2010. Locals are outraged and even other Delaware residents are puzzled at such a drastic project proposal. The old St. George’s Bridge is one of four crossings of the C&D Canal for Delaware residents. The canal crosses through the middle of New Castle County, is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and serves as an “unofficial” divide between Northern and Southern Delaware. Supporters of the bridge dismantlement indicate the William Roth Bridge was built initially as a replacement for the aging structure. The two bridges are within easy distance of each other.

               Delaware’s banking industry is responding quickly to the news that the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates in the year of 2016 and likely do so again three more times in 2017. The holiday consumer spending always brings in good tidings, but with the flexibility for increased investment opportunities, bankers and financiers are seeking out more prospects and clients while there’s still interest.

               Continuing trade disputes with South Africa and price dumping accusations are taking their toll on Delaware’s poultry industry. Egg prices were finally recovering after their devastating drop last year, but profit margins are slim for the industry and the pinch is being felt across Delaware’s agriculture world. It’s great for consumers (everyone’s eating chicken!) but there’s little room to grow right now.imes

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