1. ST Staff has final say over everything. Everything is at their discretion. 


2. The ST Staff are the sole authority for dispute resolution. Their word is law. 


3. If you wish to dispute an ST ruling, you may argue your point once. If they still say no, you need to drop the subject until a time when you and the storyteller can sit and talk. 


4. The House Rules will take precedence over any rule published by an outside source including MET or any other White Wolf literature.


5. All “Rules Thou Shalt Never Break” rules published in Laws of the Night (LotN) on page 14 will be followed without exception.


6. Any player who is found to be disrupting play will be subject to standard disciplinary actions. Disrupting play will include demanding ST and/or Player Rep attention while those individuals are engaged in other business such as meetings with other players or running/acting in scenes. If told by the STs or Player Rep to wait until a more convenient time, and the player continues to demand ST or Player Rep attention, the player will be subjected to standard disciplinary actions for disrupting play. Please see the P:N Disciplinary Rules at the end of this document for further advice. 


7. Players must maintain good personal hygiene before attending game. If a player’s hygiene offends other players or staff members, they will be asked to leave game and come back after they have cleaned themselves. If you PC is dirty, it doesn’t mean you have to stop bathing OOC. 


8. Game Time: Game shall be held every other Friday. Soft Role Play (RP) will occur between 7 pm and 8 pm. Sign-in will begin at 7:30 pm. Official Game On will be called at 8 pm. End of Game will be called between 11:30 pm and 11:40 pm. Game Wrap-Up will be between 11:30 pm and 12 am. 


9. The Nusquam game has a "pay to play" of $7 per game to maintain game supplies, help pay site fees, and any future events the game may hold. Donations are lovely too, whether it is cash or office supplies. 


10. Every 6 months a house rules meeting may be called. No less than 10 players based in P:N must contact the PR in regards to this matter.  


11. The numbers/results of all game-wide votes must be announced publicly by the Sunday after the game in question.


12.  The email lists, by and large, unless otherwise specified (like the Toreador list), are not really email lists. They are various forms of communication, hidden from the mortal population in various ways. Using etiquette/academics for fixing grammar/spelling/word usage type things, getting titles right, etc. is perfectly acceptable. However, using etiquette for mis-sent messages can only occur if it is caught immediately.


13. The Philadelphia: Nusquam Out-of-Character (OOC) e-mail list will be open to Philadelphia: Nusquam based players ONLY. 


14. STs do not earn “ST Favors” for any amount of time on Staff. 


15. STs in this game may have a PC based in P:N and may travel to other games. They may not have interaction with other characters based in P:N during a Philadelphia game session other than in social interaction, without consent of player. No chops may ever be thrown between an ST’s PC and another P:N player’s PC during game time without a third party narrating the scene.


16. If you wish to cause great physical harm, torpor or death to another PC, you must talk to the P:N Staff and receive approval prior to initiating combat. This conversation with the ST Staff can happen via email or in person. A word to the wise: Double check with the ST Staff available at the time you intend on initiating the scene. All combat must have an ST present, as well. Not adhering to this rule will automatically gain you a chronicle strike, and may present further disciplinary action. All Such action must begin before 11 pm, or they will not happen at all.


17. The bomb does not need to be declared. 


18. Explosives do at most 3 agg, several explosives that do this together still do 3agg.  This might make the area larger, but the body can only take so much impact damage.  3agg is not the default damage it is the most.  A decent amount of explosives don't even do agg as most of the damage comes from impact not fire.


19. The Elysium will be defined so as to ensure that when the Traditions are enforced, there are not arbitrary decisions made. This definition will include the conceptual idea that an Elysium is a sanctuary where vampires can feel free to gather with little fear of Final Death. Where Elysium is being held shall also be defined in detail before each P:N game. Any place that is not considered Elysium (i.e. the Prince's office) must be clearly specified.


20. Anything a Nosferatu PLAYER hears OOC during game time in the game space, the Nosferatu CHARACTER knows. The Nos player must confirm what they heard OOC with the Nosferatu ST. 


21. Any character that uses performances to gain blood traits mid game must wait 5 minutes out of game in order to provide time IC for the action of using performances to occur. After 5 minutes, the person may then take the number of blood traits they spent performances on.


22. “Joe Average” mortals can have a one shot kill, at ST’s discretion, by making one chop and two simple tests.


23. If you are bored in game and a plot does not interest you, help us and help you by coming to see your PR or the ST Staff. We will work with you and provide suggestions to assist you.